Oliver Weighs In On New AMA Rules Proposal
RoadracingWorld - 4/29/2003

Rich Oliver comments on proposed AMA Pro Road Racing rule changes for 2004 involving 250cc Grand Prix moving into a new AMA Xtreme class with 600cc Superbikes.

Rich states, "I do have fond memories of racing against unlimited-displacement four-strokes in the Formula USA series. In 1990 I was able to be competitive in an unlimited formula with my Kenny Roberts Marlboro-sponsored 250 Grand Prix machine.

"I won races at Willow Springs and Road Atlanta, and finished on the podium at Gratten, Indianapolis, and many other tracks. If I remember correctly I finished the series in second place behind Mike Smith. The next year I won the Championship on a Kenny Roberts 500cc Grand Prix Yamaha.

"The proposed 2004 AMA Xtreme class is limited to 600cc Superbikes, with the 250 Grand Prix machines allowed to increase engine size. As far as I know this is impossible to do with the current machines. Giving the 250 a displacement increase will not really be useful.

"In order to gain parity with the 600cc Superbike, my suggestion would be to limit the 600 to Supersport engine modifications. This would be the same specifications as used in the current 600cc Supersport class.

"On the 250 side one way to increase performance would be to allow any type of race fuel. Other than that the 250 that I race now (Yamaha TZ250) is as fast as I can make it!

"I had planed on retiring from racing this season, in order to run my Mystery School program full time. However, I would seriously entertain proposals to race a 600cc Superbike in the new Xtreme class. I think that there would be an opportunity for myself and Robert Ward my Crew Chief to work together in this new formula, contributing our abilities to a new 600 Xtreme team.

"The last 600cc racing I was involved in was with the Factory Yamaha team in 1999 on the R6. I remember I qualified on the pole for the 600cc Supersport final that year at Daytona. I enjoyed racing the 600s.

"As far as racing a 250 in this new class, well, if I could get my hands on a factory machine from Europe, now you're talking! Otherwise, I'd probably stick to a 600."

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