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Yamaha : All Factory and Production Road-Racing Two Strokes from 1955 to 1993
by Colin MacKellar

Yamaha's fame in the annals of motorcycle racing history is ensured by their outstanding contribution to the sport. Yamaha gives the full story of the racing two-strokes, from the company's fateful decision to go into motorcycle racing in 1954, right up to the 1990's, and the awesomely powerful machines being produced today.


Wayne Rainey: His Own Story
by Michael Scott

Wayne Rainey was certainly one of the greatest GP Racers to hit the scene in the late 80's-early 90's. With 3 consecutive world championships under his belt he had his 4th wrapped up when tragedy struck. Rainey's career was cut short and thus began a new chapter in this champion's life.

This book deals with his youth, his early racing years on the dirt tracks of Southern California and later, the dirt tracks throughouit the US. His entry into GP racing makes for some of the most intriging and blatantly honest reading you will find. With Kenny Roberts as team manager, Wayne Rainey's career began to open up and the more you read the better this book gets.

This is simply the best book on the "inside" of a GP racer and the entire lifestyle that goes with it. (Ever wonder how "team-mates" get along when they BOTH want to win? ) Don't pass this one up. It deserves to be read.


Motocourse : 50 Years of Moto Grand Prix : The Official History of the Fim Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix

by Dennis Noyes (Editor), Francesco Zerbi

Published in the finest tradition of Motocourse, this great book, very similar to the aforementioned "Annuals" published every year, expands beyond just one year, ranging a full 50 years worth of GP Racing History!.

Captivating, fascinating and insightful, this Motocourse tome is worth the price. Includes many photos, illustrations and statistics to please even the most demanding reader.


Anatomy & Development of the Grand Prix Motorcycle
by Tony Sakkis

Anatomy & Development of the Grand Prix Motorcycle takes the reader into the pits, onto the track, and behind the scenes to understand firsthand the inner workings of the world's fastest and most-advanced road racing motorcycles. The carefully researched text is accompanied by 200 photographs including historical shots from the 1920's to the early 1970's to illustrate the sport's genesis. Some of the biggest names in GP Racing, both past and present, explain the hows and whys of their sport, including: Kenny Roberts, Mick Doohan, Eddie Lawson, Kevin Schwantz, Giocomo Agostini, Erv Kanemoto, Kel Carruthers, and many others.


Best Bike Gp's of the Decade

©1991 Video Treasures/Duke Marketing Ltd

This Video compilation includes segments from 10 of the best races of the 1980's chosen by European and American riders Roberts, Mamola, Gardner, Schwantz, Lawson, Rainey, Mang, Haslam, Sarroh and Pons. Includes Interviews, onboard cameras, clashes, laughs and more!

NTSC/US or PAL/UK. Approx. 55/60 minutes. Color. NR.



cover Click for Book Cover Preview (Large)
Fast Company : Motorcycle Road Racing's Pit Warriors
by Jon Ward, Jon Kral (Editor), Candace Barbot

A beautifully assembled collection of museum quality photography, and heart stopping stories. This great book focuses on a much overlooked subject in the history of GP Racing. Follow the behind the scenes thrills of race life, the wins, the battles and the crashes.

The large Black & White Photos in this coffee-table book are truly some of the finest of their kind. This is a premium book for all fans of GP Racing History.



No Time to Lose : The Fast Moving World of Bill Ivy

by Alan Peck

A fantastic old book about one very driven young GP racer in the early and heady days of the European GP Racing scene.days of the european motocycling circus. Another fine selection for GP Racing history fans!


Jim Redman : Six Times World Motorcycle Champion : The Autobiography

by Jim Redman

In the mid-1960's Jim was the man you had to beat..." -Phil Read

"The extraordinary life story of the penniless orphan and colonial adventurer who, aboard the most glamorous racing motorcycles, roared to six hard-fought World Championships and won for himself the reputation of hard man of the racetrack, and shrewd, steely professional of the paddock. Compared to Redman, modern GP Riders are a buch of adolescent softies."
-Andy Kershaw

"I think that Jim Redman was a very intelligent pilot..." - Giacomo Agostini

Three authoritative reasons to read this important autobiography!


Mike Hailwood : A Motorcycle Racing Legend

by Mick Woollett, with Giacomo Agostini

Mike Hailwood has been described as the greatest rider in the history of motorcycle racing. At the age of 18, he was already a British champion in four classes. At age 21, he won his first World Championship. He would go on to claim eight more world titles in the 250cc, 350cc and 500cc classes.

This definitive history of the millionaire's son who earned a reputation as one of the sport's nice guys, covers Hailwood's British championships and early Continental races in 1959 and 1960, before going on to examine his rides with MV Agusta and Honda in 1960 and 1961; his small-class endeavors with EMC, MZ and Benelli; and his return to Honda and four more world titles from 1966 through 1968.

Although Hailwood enjoyed modest success in Formula 1 auto racing, this book focuses solely on his motorcycle career, to which he made a spectacular return in 1978, winning the Isle of Man TT aboard a Ducati and smashing the lap record the following year en route to winning the Senior TT title.


On Any Sunday
Director: Bruce Brown (1971)

Without a doubt the quintessential motorcycle film, acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Brown explores this dizzying and intoxicating world of rugged roadriders where cycles hit incredible speeds. Segueing into the grueling excitement of a muddy and murderous motocross race, we then move on to the tortuous mayhem of the Mexican 1000 off-track trial race down the BAJA Peninsula.

It's an exhilarating experience that puts you in the driver's seat for spectacular action and sensational entertainment, immortalized by the final dizzying dirtbike segment with Steve McQueen. Don't miss it!

NTSC/US, PAL/UK. Approximately 96 minutes. Color.


On Any Sunday II
Director: Ed Forsyth (1981)

The exciting sequal to 'On Any Sunday', catch the thrills of various motocycling sports in the desert, road, or tracks around the world. 'On Any Sunday II' contains some very memorable championship race clips and interviews with racing greats such as Kenny Roberts, Bruce Penhall, Brad Lackey, Bob Hannah and others.

NTSC/US, PAL/UK. Approximately 90 minutes. Color.


The Privateer

Director: Douglas Newhouse

Set at Willow Springs International Raceway, this video documentary is about a privateer racer (Frank Aragaki) and his goal of racing his superbike on par with the professional "factory" racers. In the end his hard work pays off and he earns a grid position among the best riders from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Ducati! (Aragaki, Duhamel ,Mladin, Gobert, Hacking, and many more!)

This film illustrates effectively the life of the modern privateer racer; the hard work, risks, excitement and rewards. Accordingly, this selection should not be a disappointment.

NTSC. Approximately 55 minutes. Color.



Additional Selections:
(No Reviews)

Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing
by G. Tardy, 1974. (Hardcover)



Two Wheel Showdown! : The Full Drama of the Races Which Decided the World 500Cc Motor Cycle Championship from 1949
by Christopher Hilton, 1994. (Hardcover)



World Motorcycle Endurance Racing
by Mark Wernham, Mick Walker, 1994. (Paperback)





Two-Stroke Performance Tuning
by A. Graham Bell

Undoubtedly, the virtue which has most contributed to the widespread use and varied application of the two-stroke engine is its mechanical simplicity. Tuning expert A. Graham Bell takes readers through the various modifications that can be made to a two-stroke and its components in order to derive maximum useable power and mechanical reliability.

Both the latest advances in two-stroke tuning and old standbys are covered for all areas of operation, from ignition, carburetion, cylinders, and valves through exhaust systems and dyno tuning. Updates to this expanded edition include new photography, line diagrams and explanatory charts.


Motorcycle Tuning : Chassis
by John Robinson

Anyone who has ridden more than three bikes will know that there are differences - sometimes big differences - in the way they react. Anyone who has tinkered with suspension and tires will know that it is possible to make big differences with small changes. And that other changes (usually the adjustment provided by the manufacturer) make practically no difference at all.

John Robinson has set out a logical sequence to build a new bike, or to modify an existing one, to make the most use of it's power. Some things can be quantified. The geometry of the bike dictates it's ability to accelerate and to brake; these things can be measured. The quality of the tires controls the amount of force which can be transmitted to the ground. Beyond this, things become more qualitative and must be assessed rather than measured, which is why serious race teams spend more time testing than they do racing.

If this book saves half a day's testing, it will have paid for itself.



Motorcycle Design & Technology : How and Why

by Gaetano Cocco

Written for everyone from motorcycling greenhorns to technical experts, this illustrated tour of motorcycle physics and mechanics offers a complete presentation of concepts which have never before been so thoroughly and comprehensibly presented in print. After examining the physical phenomena that govern the handling of a motorcycle, the text goes on to explain the various types of components that come together and make the bike go.

Applicable to all makes and models, a generous selection of illustrations and photographs help readers visualize the topics at hand, allowing them to hit the saddle with a more complete awareness that enhances the riding experience.


Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles

by Keith Code

At last, an actual workbook for the road racer and sport rider that details the process of high speed thought. Hundreds of questions aimed at solving the barriers of speed allow you to dissect your riding and pinpoint problem areas. This book elevates road racing into its proper place among demanding sports in the world. Here, the dynamic relationship between the rider and road is defined and ordered into a useable form.

Keith Code's first book, "A Twist of the Wrist," is the world's number one riding handbook. "The Soft Science" carries that work forward - after years of research - into an even more exact technology for all serious riders and racers.


A Twist of the Wrist : The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook

by Keith Code, with Eddie Lawson & Wayne Rainey

A Twist of the Wrist is the world's number one step=by=step, easy to use manual that tells the motorcycle rider - novice or veteran, cruiser to sportbike rider - everything he needs to successfully improve his riding. This book contains the very foundation of skills for any rider who wishes more confidence with cornering a motorcycle.

Keith Code is the founder and director of the California Superbike-Cornering-Schools. He has trained tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide - from beginners to factory racers. His books, schools and riding techniques have set the standards in motorcycling for over twenty years. No one has demonstrated more dedication to the improvement of riding skills than Keith.


A Twist of the Wrist II: The Basics of High-Performance Motorcycle Riding

by Keith Code

A Twist of the Wrist, Volume 1 is the acknowledged number one book on rider improvement - for fifteen years straight. It has brought riders worldwide to a new understanding of vital skills. Twist, Volume 2, goes even further. It uncovers and traces, action by action, the direct links between man and machine.

Keith Code has trained more riders than anyone in the world. His training and teaching methods are responsible for scores of victories by top riders around the globe. Heith's unique ability to unravel complexities and establish simple, essential principles, provides both street and race riders with real tools to think about, and understand for themselves, the problems of riding.


How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop: Designing, Tooling, and Stocking

by Charlie Masi

This comprehensive book will help you set up an proper motorcycle workshop and equip it with the tools necessary to get the job done. Whether your shop will be simple or advanced, this book will show you how it's done.

In an entertaining style, Mr. Masi explains the basic principles of a motorcycle workshop, and helps you determine what your own needs are. Offers help in the Planning and designing of your motorcycle shop from practical advice on equipment and tools needed for electrical, motor, chassis work, welding, painting and more. Contains valuable hints and tips on which tools to purchase, which tools you can fabricate, and best of all, how to use them. Amusing anecdotes recount real-life experiences, and examples of what not to do.

Over 200 photographs and detailed illustrations.


Additional Selections:
(No Reviews)

Kenny Roberts: Techniques of Motorcycle Road Racing
by Kenny Roberts


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