July 18,2000

With technology fed back from the GP-leading YZR250 factory machine

Release of the 2001 Model Yamaha Road Racer "TZ250"

"TZ125" sales to continue in present spec

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (YMC) will release the 2001 model of the production road racer "TZ250" developed with state-of-the-art technologies fed back from YZR250 factory machine competing with such success in the World GP. Featuring numerous detail improvements for greater overall machine maturation, the 2001 TZ250 will be released on Nov. 10, 2000.

The present 2000 model of the TZ250 mounted a new-design engine and the new 2001 model, while retaining the main outstanding characteristics of the existing model, has received an infusion of the latest technological advances that primarily improve acceleration performance and over-revving characteristics to achieve an even higher level of competitiveness.

As for the "TZ125," the 2000 model will continue to be sold in its present specification.

2001 Model Yamaha Road Racer "TZ250"

Main New Features

1) Better performance with features like improved carburetor, solenoid duty control function
Changes in the diameter of the main internal nozzle and other changes in the internal structure of the TMXc38mm carburetor have helped to optimize atomization of the air-fuel mixture, resulting in improved acceleration performance and more linear throttle response. What's more, in addition to the ignition system's CDI unit being given a new duty control function for the carburetor solenoid, ignition timing has been optimized and the setting adjustment process made easier while also improving over-rev characteristics.

2) Revised crankcase
In conjunction with the above-mentioned changes in the carburetor settings, revisions in the crankcase have been made to achieve a shape that is especially outstanding from the standpoint of over-rev characteristics. Also, optimizing the designs of the various parts of the crankcase assembly has further improved reliability.

3) Revised compression-stroke damping characteristics on front suspension
A further maturation of the front suspension has been achieved for the purpose of improving dynamic stability during braking. In addition to extending the stroke 3mm, the compression-stroke damping characteristics have been revised for increased capacity.

4) Other specification changes
Other improvements include (1) new front brake master cylinder spec for improved lever touch and operability, (2) new spec for the damper attachment assembly on the rear wheel clutch hub for improved reliability and (3) improved response in the digital meters (thermometer).

2001 model Yamaha Road Racer"TZ250" Technical Specification

Overall length x width x height
Wheel travel (front / rear)
Seat height
Minimum ground clearance
Dry weight
1,955 x 650 x 1,083 mm
113 x 118 mm
788 mm
1,342 mm
112 mm
102 kg
Engine type
Cylinder arrangement
Bore x stroke
Compression ratio
Maximum power
Maximum torque
Starting system
Fuel tank capacity
Ignition system
Liquid Cooled 2-Stroke Crankcase Reed Valve
249 cc
54.0 x 54.5 mm
7.2 ~ 7.7:1
68kW (92PS) / 12,250 rpm
53Nm (5.4kgf-m) / 11,750 rpm
Push start
23.0 liter
TMX 38 x 2
Primary / Secondary reduction ratios
Clutch type
Transmission type
Gear ratios

Frame type
Caster / Trail
Tire size (front / rear)
Brake disc diameter (front / rear)
Shock absorber (front / rear)

Brake type (front / rear)
Suspension type (front / rear)
2.524 / 2.571
Dry multi-plate coil spring
Constant Mesh 6-speed
1st: 1.889, 2nd: 1.476, 3rd: 1.261
4th: 1.080, 5th: 0.963, 6th: 0.909
22 degrees / 82 mm
3.10/4.80 R17 / 165/55 R17
298 mm / 185 mm
Oil damper, air-combined coil spring
Gas filled oil damper, coil spring
Hydraulic double disc / Hydraulic single disc
Telescopic / Swingarm

NOTE: This is a translation of a news release issued for the Japanese market.
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