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For 30 years the Yamaha TZ has been involved in the history and tradition of GP Road Racing, taking advantage of feedback and knowledge gained through the factory race programs. This evolution continues, building the glory of the TZ line.

The TZ250 was the championship machine in the 2001 All Japan Championships, and in the 2002 All Japan series it swept the top four places in each of the first five rounds of the season. This kind of consistent competitiveness has won the TZ250 the trust of riders in the Japanese market.

The 2003 model TZ250 adopts various technologies from the MotoGP factory machine YZR250 in the form of numerous spec changes in the engine and chassis to achieve an extremely high level of competitiveness. The competitive potential it achieves makes this model worthy of being called a YZR250 replica.

  • Adoption of exhaust branch combined use hand drum type YPVS
  • Updated exhaust port timing
  • Updated crankcase scavenging design.
  • WPC processing finish on pistons
  • Silencer length shortened (light weight conversion)
  • New Carburetor Specifications
  • Piston-pin boss/upper modification
  • Modification of deceleration ratio of 1st gear (variation/addition)
  • New CDI unit with revised ignition characteristics
  • Ignition quality and solenoid duty ratio quality modification
  • Clasp form modification of front brake hose
  • Left and right symmetrical air intake duct/front cowl adoption
  • New front fender and seat assembly
  • New cowling assembly design
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